Plans & Pricing

We aim to provide the best cloud hosting platform in the industry.

Data Centre Asset Partner

Buy Data Centre Asset units in multiples of 1 TB from MyCloudParticle and lease the units to our marketing affiliate PrimeCloudNet, for the lifetime of the asset, expected to be 120 months. MyCloudParticle will be responsible for the operations, maintenance and security of the asset. PrimeCloudNet will pay you a minimum guaranteed monthly rent, and monetise the asset in the global market, for 120 months.
At the end of 120 months, the rent will stop, the product life ends, and it is no longer serviceable. MyCloudParticle will dispose of the Electronic Waste as per applicable best practices and government regulations.

Plan Starter SME Popular Business Enterprise
Particles / TB 1 2 4 20 40
Cost (INR) 29,500/- 59,000/- 1,18,000/- 5,90,000/- 11,80,000/-
Monthly Rent (e.g.) (INR) 1,062.50 2,250 5,000 26,250 55,000
Over 120 months (e.g.) (INR) 1,27,500 2,70,000 6,00,000 31,50,000 66,00,000

How to become a Data Centre Asset Partner of MyCloudParticle

Once you decide to become a Data Centre Asset Partner of MyCloudParticle, you can enrol either by visiting one of our offices, or requesting one of our representatives to visit you, or online on this website from the register page.